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Reflective Blog Post 4: TPACK

  1. TPACK is using three different form of knowledge to teach successfully. These forms are technology (T), pedagogical, and content knowledge.
  2. Last semester I took Administrative Management under Dr. Bracey. She implements this concept very often, not only in this particular class but in other classes I have taken under her as well. In Administrative Management we were all assigned a partner to work with on an assignment where we had to create a hypothetical computer repair business and a performance appraisal document. For technology, we were instructed to use google docs to create this assignment and communicate with our partner. Her pedagogical approach was using group collaboration and problem based learning, this promoted good concept application and critical thinking. She had a great understanding of the content and conveyed it well. Some of the content included creating mission statements, goals, and employee appraisal techniques.
  3. I believe I am the strongest in Technology Knowledge, because I spend most of my time with technology and it is one area that I think I would be most comfortable implementing in my classroom.
  4. My weakest area would have to be Pedagogical Knowledge, not because I am unaware of teaching ideas and concepts but because I have less experience in this area. All I have done is learned about them and because I was homeschooled I have only seen them used in a college setting.

Google Drive Tutorial

Storage clouds are one of the most useful digital tools out there. They allow you to access your documents from anywhere. Jump drives are a great way to make your data portable as well, until you lose them or they break. I always have my jump drive with me, in my purse, my back pack, and my car, but it only took one bad experience with my jump drive being completely destroyed to consider a backup plan. My dog ate it. Cliché, I know. Now I always have it backed up on some sort of alternate storage.

My favorite storage cloud is Google Drive. It not only allows you to store up to 15GB of data that you are able to access anywhere, but you are also able to edit and share documents within the website. It’s a great tool to use when working on projects with other people because it allows you to share the document with numerous people and it keeps track of all the changes that are made and who made them. I mainly use mine for school purposes, but where I work, we use it to produce and share our work schedule and announcements with the rest of the staff. It can serve many purposes and it is extremely easy to use!

I will definitely use Google Drive in my future classroom. It allows easy access for students and teachers. Students can share documents with each other and the teacher. They are able to keep everything organized and one place where they can access it at anytime and from any place as long as they have internet access. I look forward to implementing this digital tool in my classroom.

Below are two video tutorials on using Google Drive. Video 1 demonstrates how to create and share folders. Video 2 demonstrates how to create, share, and edit documents within google drive.

Video 1:

Google Drive – Creating and sharing folders

Video 2:

Google Drive – Creating and editing documents

Happy sharing!


Reflective Blog Post 3: 21st Century Learners

Characteristics of 21st century learners:

They want to be engaged

They don’t want to be talked at

They want teachers to use technology as more of a foundation than just a tool

They want to be asked questions instead of just given answers

College has been one of the most self-fulfilling things I have ever done, but I can definitely relate to every single one of the students in the video A Vision of Students Today. I have been in the classroom with 200 other people, and in a classroom like that you don’t even expect the teacher to remember your name. In a class of that size it’s hard to stay focused and engaged when majority of the time all you can do is sit and listen. However, I have been in several really engaging classrooms, and these are the classes that made me want to become a teacher in the first place. I am a 21st century learner. I want to be engaged, challenged, and motivated in the classroom, because that is the type of educator that I want to be.

As teachers, our main goal should be to involve students in a continuous active learning environment. For students to be motivated to learn they need an educator that is motivated to teach and engage. Educators can cater to this need by allowing students to construct their own meanings to content, and we can give feedback as needed to make sure they are on the right path. Constant communication between the educator and the student and this can be done in several different ways. We can use digital tools to let them explore and construct their knowledge and we can use them to help guide them in the right direction, or doing it in a collaborative face-to-face method. What is important is to make sure the learner knows what he or she needs to be active in their own learning. They need to be encouraged to participate and ask questions in order to be active and involved in their own learning.

Our team project caters to the students who are interested in post-secondary education and work. I believe that this tool will really engage learners because it requires a lot of feedback. Learners will be constructing their resume using different computer techniques, which will require a lot hands-on learning and feedback. Leaners will also engage in critical thinking when learning to write their cover letter. Student will not just be given information; they will be required to collaborate with other students as well as the teacher.


Reflective Blog 2: Part 2

Amanda Burton

Her favorite people are her

  1. Parents – Lucretia and Terry
  2. Fiancé – Kevin
  3. Niece – Ella


I obtained Amanda’s information through Bully Mail.

Casey Reed

Her favorite people are

  1. Spouse
  2. Kids
  3. Niece and Nephew


I obtained Casey’s information through Bully Mail.

Paula Jones

Her favorite people are her

  1. Spouse
  2. Daughters
  3. Grandkids


I obtained Paula’s information through Bully Mail.


Reflective Blog Post 2: Part 1

I agree with Kozma that technology can influence learning. There are several forms of technology that help teach, inforce, and correct techniques. For example, Microsoft Word is just a simply word processing application that is used every day; however it has features that help you spell and write better. I also believe applications like this promote creativity as well, which a very desirable skill in the 21st century. The entire Microsoft Office suite promotes creativity as well as the Adobe products. There are several movie making tools that inforce creativity as well, such as iMovie and Powtoon.

Even though I do agree with Kozma, I feel like some digital tools only provide a learning forum where someone else provides the information. These include tools like Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle.

Reflective Blog Post 1: Why digital tools?

Man holding object

The world is constantly changing. We know this. We are told this every day. We look back in awe of how far we have come in only the last 20 years. Everyday some new profound technology or gadget is introduced and it is the “next big thing” for a year or so and then we forget about whatever the gadget was last year. So why learn about new technologies if they are constantly evolving? Why study and learn how to use them if we are going to have to learn how to use something different in a short amount of time?

Speaking as a future teacher, I think it is very important to stay up to date with the latest technologies and tools in order to stay connected with your students. Introducing your students to new tools that they can use to further their education is just as important as teaching them basic literacy skills. Technology is a huge part of our world now, and students should be taught that just like technology our world is forever evolving. From learning these new tools they are also learning innovative, creative, and critical thinking skills by applying what they already know to a new concept or simply doing something in a new way.

So, no, I do not think that taking digital tools is pointless. I think that it is also teaching us, as future teachers, the importance of innovation. In methods classes they teach you the importance of differentiation in the classroom, but this class helps to give us tools in order to differentiate our instruction. It is important for us to be innovators, motivators, and facilitators, and through technology we are able to be all of those things.

I found this great article, called the 10 commandments of innovative teaching, it really inspired me and made me think about why I really wanted to become a teacher.